Drilling Waste Management Package-Cutting Dryer and Centrifuge

Reduced environmental impact and satisfy US compliance regulations

Since regulations on drilling waste materials management become much more stringent workers are in need to have of a reliable waste disposal answer that will guarantees the waste as well as the liability of its effect have passed away for good. The cuttings dryer made by GN Solids America is usually reliable and high settings, with the cuttings dryer the customers can separation the particular solids and liquid quicker than before.

Drilling wastes are conveyed from the geradlinig shale shaker for the cuttings drier. Typical shaker cuttings maintain a liquid content material normally between 11% to 17%. When appropriately managed, GN cutting dryer can reduced the liquid content beneath 5%. This can be accomplished whenever managing 30~50 tons each hour of drilling cuttings.

Going cuttings are fed in the hopper, and distributed across the inner wall in the stainless-steel screen using the rotor. The particular liquid phase, or “filtrate”, passes by means of the display screen openings whilst the up and down scraper with challenging increased chrome alloy material clean the accumulating solids for the bottom in the VCD regarding disposal.

GN Solids America(website: http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com) Versatile and Trusted Decanter Centrifuge

The particular drilling fluids from GN vertical cutting dryer will probably be pump to GNLW Decanter Centrifuge by GN50YZ20A-18. GNLW Series decanter centrifuge is usually aiming to get by far one of the most out of one’s “zero-discharge” program, GN field confirmed decanting centrifuges are a perfect choice

GN Mud Agigator may further process the going fluids to reach reduce stage down 2~5 microns. Dish cylindrical and conical area produced from duplex stainless steel 2205 centrifugal casting. Tungsten carbide tiles of screw will offer you longer service and much simpler replacement.

GN drilling waste materials package will offers you greatest alternative for you personally drilling waste. Make contact with GN for the waste materials management project.


Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge Lubrication system: http://gn-oildrilling.com/post/69222026387/drilling-mud-decanter-centrifuge-lubrication-system

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