GN Vacuum Degasser Application

A USA  Vacuum Degasser is really a piece of equipment, generally driven by an electric motor ( some older models were spun by hand ), that puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis, applying a force perpendicular for the axis. A Vacuum Degasser is also utilized to separate the elements of blood in blood banks. The Degasser works working with the sedimentation principle, where the Degasser acceleration causes denser substances to separate out along the radial path ( the bottom with the tube ).
Vacuum Degasser can also be a critical equipment in solids manage method. It is broadly utilized in drilling waste. It’s employed in separating suspension of strong phase with particle diameter≥2μm for drilling mud and fluids handling.
1. It can operate at full speed to finish feeding, centrifugal sedimentation discharge and other procedures, high degree of automation.
2. It optimizes the settling zone parameters and feeding mode, enhances the Vacuum Degasser removing effect, performance can be comparable to the same specifications of the imported degasser.
3. Horizontal spiral unloading settlement Vacuum Degasser is low noise. By improving the degasser rotational part machining accuracy and the dynamic balance accuracy, the Vacuum Degasser vibration and noise can drop to a low level.
4. The machine has large production capability, compact structure, small occupation, and can automatically run. It can be convenient to maintain and can be closed operation.
5. Simplified solids handle technique, low energy consumption, lighter working load, and the purification efficiency increases by 30% than original.
6. It uses the frequency conversion governor, compared with similar products with low energy consumption, working speed is adjustable, etc.
Vacuum Degasser design consists of a strong container, called a bowl, which rotates at high speed. Inside the bowl tube, a screen conveyor rotates in the same path, but at a slightly different speed. A differential gear is typically utilised to adjust speed.
To meet the requirements of the development on the modern drilling engineering, GN has developed the explosion-proof variable frequency conversion handle Vacuum Degasser, which can continuously adjust separation factor and drum rotational speed. This new technology adapts towards the situation of your constant changing of mud property during the Vacuum Degasser operation, which makes the treatment efficiency of mud much better and meanwhile achieves the function of one machine with multi-purpose.

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