Multi-functional Mud Systems for HDD

This really is a Multi-functional 350GPM drilling mud system GN Solids America not too long ago manufactured a Hong Kong client. Per client,s needs, this program has several special styles, which enables this mud system to operate for more than one particular applications like for HDD, CBM and Diamond Core Drilling mud system Requests among HDD and CBM Mud Systems?
Although they are both drilling functions and each in require of mud recycling systems, HDD drilling and CBM drilling’s requirements for mud recycling will not be at identical level. Comparably, for HDD projects, the mud recycling technique is additional complicated and treated mud is finer than CBM or Piling. That?ˉs why, in most HDD mud systems, there’s a desilter, even though in piling or CBM, systems are smaller and usually1 set of shale shaker is sufficient.

What Equipments Utilized within this GN Mud Treating System?
On leading of tank, you can find three main equipments:
1. GNZS Shale shaker as very first step separation device.
two. GNZJ-6N desilter with below drying shaker and corresponding feeding pump GNSB centrifugal pump in case of HDD projects, this gear will be utilised.
3. GNLW223-VFD decanter centrifuge and its feeding pump, mainly for further therapy in diamond core drilling projects.
4. GNSLS mixing hopper and its feeding pump.
5. Mud tank in quite a few compartments, for reserving and tank attachments such as ladders and so forth.
6. Hydraulic jacking program for the whole program, which enables the method to become effortlessly transportable.

GN Solids America has been functioning with HDD drilling projects for many years, CPP China, Vermeer, along with other globe well-known HDD corporations and HDD drilling rig corporations supply their mud recycling program from GN Solids Control. In GN factory and workshop, there are often such systems beneath production. May possibly you should know more, welcome to go to our internet site or straight pay a visit to our factory near Beijing, Capital of China.

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