Equipment List for full solids manage & drilling waste management project

Solids Handle & drilling waste management are pretty important for drilling contractor. If they manage this division well, they can save lots of money on drilling mud / drilling chemicals, also they can be environmental friendly. There is much equipment needed for solids co ntrol & drilling waste management full projects. Hereunder is gear list.

Equipment list for total solids handle project

1) Shale shaker, shale shaker is working as first phase separation
2) Vacuum degasser, this gear work to remove the gas-cut air to keep the density of drilling mud to be stable.
3) desander, this is second phase separation
4) desilter, this is third phase separation. Desander and desilter can be make into one unit mud cleaner, it can get better treating result.
5) decanter centrifuge, this is working as fourth separation. To remove fine solids and keep the mud weight to be stable or recover the barite for reuse.
6) mud agitator, this is used on each mud tank, to mixing the drilling waste management to be suspending.
7) mud gun, this is matched with mud agitator, to clean and suspend the weight drilling chemicals
8) Mud tank, it can be divided into shale shaker tank, centrifuge tank, mixing tank, storage tank as per their main functions.

Equipment List for complete drilling waste management project

1) Screw conveyor, this is used for collection and transfer the drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker & desander & desilter
2) Vertical cuttings dryer, this is used for OBM/SBM drilling cuttings first phase separation.
3) High speed decanter centrifuge, this is used for drilling waste second phase separation. To remove the fine solids from the drilling waste management.
4) TUD, to treat the drilling solids waste after treated by vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge
5£?Oil / water separator, to treat the drilling liquid waste after treated by vertical cuttings dryer & decanter centrifuge.

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