API shale shaker screens Q&A 1

We’ve identified the following label on screens on desiler unit:
120 mesh GN Solids America
Size 900×750 mm
We didn’t locate any labels or indicators on screens around the shale shaker so we are not confident what exactly is there. Please check at your engineering division and maybe they’ll confirm to you.
– what API number is for 120 mesh screens?
– What API number is for 40 mesh screen?
Please comment what does it imply 120 mesh? If this really is 120 mesh, what exactly is API number for these screens and what exactly is D100 separation value (in microns)? Please comment.
Really according our technologies, following derrick wiring tech, normally 40mesh is API40, 120mesh is API120, unless various screening technology is expected, can not generally reverse.
We ordered two various varieties of screens and received all screens the exact same (API 40, 394 microns). Please comment why we received not precisely the same screens as ordered by our organization. And please be so type and comment what does it imply API 40? If API 40, so what is a value of mesh ?
Pls refer the brochure right here: 

Shale Shaker

Screw Conveyor

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