GN Shale Shaker Panels

Shale shaker screens produced of two or 3 layers of screen cloth of distinct mesh sizes present openings that cannot be quickly characterized. A strategy to describe these openings has been adopted by the API because the Recommended Practice for Designations of Shale Shaker Screens,API RP 13C. This advisable practice supersedes the second edition (1985) of API RP 13E, which was valid for only single-layer screens.
The new designation system was chosen to convey details on screen opening size distribution along with the ability of non-vibrating screens to pass fluid. Data for every in the following is legibly stamped on a tag attached towards the screen panel in such a way as to be visible immediately after the screen is installed on the shale shaker:
The designation is now referred to as an API quantity to ensure that the new designation will probably be far more rig-user friendly. Rig crews recognize although they might not really know the definition. The change is necessary, since the API Advised Practices had been converted to International Requirements Organization.
test the machine of GN shale shaker result:
Fluid Systems is pleased to announce availability of API compliant shaker screens. Compliance means that Fluid Systems screens meet the American Petroleum Institute? new encouraged practice for shaker screen testing and labeling.

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