Engineering & Real-Time Analysis

There are very rich oilfield in the Australian region, GN companies in the exploitation of oil has accumulated years of experience. Expertise and leading drilling technologies support every phase of well design, planning, and methods. The scope includes offset well analysis and elegance in the well, BHA, fluids systems, and understanding acquisition program to drilling performance monitoring and optimisation instantly.

Drilling Mud System Performance Services

Increase drilling efficiency, reduce NP, mitigate risk, and maximize daily footage, and keep wellbore stability and quality.

Drilling Engineering Services Drilling Optimization Services instantly

Improve treatments for pore pressure, hole cleaning, and wellbore stability through a mixture of predictive models and real-time data monitoring.

Pore Pressure Analysis Service    Cuttings Loading & Wellbore Stability Surveillance Service    Fluid Loss & Gain Recognition Service    Drilling Geomechanics Service

Increase reservoir contact and improve reservoir productivity with advanced formation evaluation technologies.

Make the most of fluid facies portrayal, early formation fluid composition information, isotope logging, and advanced lithological analysis of cuttings for enhanced well positioning.

Present an integrated atmosphere for geos

cience and drilling to collaborate, predict and manage pore pressure and wellbore stability, and dynamically simulate every facet of pressure control. For more introduction oil drilling, please log in GN’s official website here, GN will provide you with a comprehensive display of world-class oil drilling equipment.

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