Gn Screen Frames

GN product patented composite screen frames mix sturdiness, light weight and longer existence right into a cost-effective option to metal frames. Our patented GN product Decanter Centrifuge mix three different screen meshes to supply new amounts of efficiency, versatility and price-effectiveness.

The GN product composite screen frame includes a power grid produced from an amalgamated of high-strength plastic and glass, strengthened rich in-tensile-strength steel rods. Since these frames balance sturdiness with strength, they’re more effective transport systems than any steel frames. GN product shale shaker have greater through put capabilities and considerably longer operational lives. Since GN product frames won’t rust or delaminate, they may be used, saved and re-used.

Model for model, GN product frames weigh under all-steel frames. And they’ve an elevated open area, supplying a greater conductance rate. When in comparison to metal-frame screens, GN product screens have 16 to 27 percent more open area than comparable metal-frame screens.

GN product Screen Frames deliver a number of advantages over metal frame screens, including:

Longer frame existence means longer overall screen existence

Greater throughput rates further reduce operating costs by optimizing shaker performance

A range of mesh styles guarantees versatility for drilling a variety of formations

gn product provides a properly-defined separation efficiency

gn product triumphs over the blinding problems connected with sandstone

The difference between the site and the site is so big, I believe, GN’s website will give you a good impression.

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