Centrifuge bowl

The left picture is a centrifuge bowl, which is the main component for the drilling fluids decanter centrifuge. It is mainly composed of taper cylinder, straight cone, screw propeller(inside) and collection box. All of them are made of Duplex stainless steel, which is high strength and high corrosion resistance.

And the bearings in big end and small end are made of SKF bearing. Especially the screw propeller of GN centrifuge is protected by Tungsten carbide tiles, not traditional protection way-coated with Tungsten alloy on the surface.

Mud cleaner for Geothermal well drilling

The picture right showed a mini mud cleaner used for Geothermal well drilling. There are 2 mud tanks in the mud system, one is treatment tank, 1 is storage tank. On the 1st treatment tank, there is a GNZS703 linear motion shale shaker, and 2 mini mud cleaner with desander cone and desilter cone separately.

Mini mud cleaner has larger screen area than desander, desilter with small underflow shaker, so the treating effect is better, and its cost is cheaper than mud cleaner with large underflow shaker. It is the ideal equipments for Geothermal well drilling.

Shear pump

Shear pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, usually it is used together with mud hopper, it can mix effectively and hydrate completely the material added in the drilling fluid, save the mud material , reduce the time of configuration. If there is a pill tank or pill compartment, you must use shear pump with hopper, we called it jet shearing device.

It has better mixing efficiency than jet mud mixer, which is composed of centrifugal pump and mud hopper.

Vacuum degasser

Do you know what is Vacuum Degasser and its function?

It is the 2nd phase solids control equipment, which is used after shale shaker, to separate various gas from the invasive drilling mud, so that it can protect decander, desilter cone and centrifugal pumps impeller.

 Different with Derrick vacuum degasser, this GN vacuum degasser do not need suction pump, it has self-suction ability, so it can save energy and drilling cost.

GN attend Russia oil show

GN just cambe back from Moscow for the12 th Moscow International exhibition “Oil and Gas”(short name MIOGE 2012). We have a 36m2 booth there, originally we plan to take a decanter centrifuge and a shale shaker to attend the show, because of some reason of Customs clearance in Russia, we can not meet the exhibition time. 

During the show, many professional clients showed interests to our equipments, including competitors Derrick, MI-Swaco, Kem-tron.

CBM drilling mud system

Full name of CBM is Coal Bed Methan,the picture right shows a CBM drilling mud system from GN solids control in site. Our engineer are installing them and connecting the pipeline with triplex mud pump.They will work with the clients’s workers till the commissioning is finished. CBM drilling mud system

Except for CBM drilling mud system, our engineer also ever serviced for HDD drilling mud system, water well drilling mud system, oil drilling mud systemdredging slurry separation system, and other environment protection projects. 

Mud tank system to Kazakhstan

This is a mud tank system for Kazakhstan, we also provide awning for the mud tank system. Every year GN produced hundreds of mud tank system and exported to over 60 countries in the world. Most of them are used for oilfield drilling rigs.

Before delivery, we will do Penetrant Test and Leakage Test will full of water in the tank for over 48hours, hand rail and walkway will be packaged in a bundle and on top of the tank.

GN can design customized mud tank system according to your requirement.  

Mud mixing unit

Our maintenance engineer just came back from South-east Asia for 3 units of mud mixing unit installation and commissioning service.

Volume of each mud mixing tank is 150bbl, with 1 mud agitator, 1 hopper, 1 Mission pump. Its mixing capacity is 500gallons per minute. All the tank top is covered by galvanized steel gratings. It is designed for easy transportation and easy maintenance.

We can make customized mud mixing unit with various volume. 

Mud cleaning system

This is a set of 1000gpm mud cleaning system for Australia market. It is for horizontal directional drilling(HDD), not for oil & gas drilling or CBM, so it doesnot have to be explosion proof, but they have very strict regulation on electricity and safety, we have rich experience in Australia market for the safety, because we ever sold many sets of mud cleaning system to there.mud cleaning unit

Mud cleaning system is used to clean the drilling mud and recycle them, so that we can meet environment protection regulation and save drilling cost. 

Mud agitator impeller

See the picture right, it is our new designed casting mud agitator impeller, and in the future all of the mud agitator is single impeller with complete casting. Compared with previous double impeller, it has better mixing performance and long time service life.mud agitator shaft

Mud agitator is installed on the mud tank to suspend and mix mud additives particle size degradation and polymer shear. GN mud agitator is with direct, flexi-couple drive system, with shaft stabilizer available.