Revolutionizing Drilling Operations: The ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen by GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control introduces the ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen, a revolutionary solution designed to optimize drilling operations by enhancing fluid recovery and minimizing waste. This innovative system offers a range of benefits and specifications that cater to various drilling scenarios, both onshore and offshore.

The ViST Pan is ingeniously installed under the last screen or mounted externally, with a suction hose connected to the ViST vacuum unit. Utilizing compressed air from an air compressor or rig air supply, the ViST creates suction on the last screen surface, effectively pulling additional fluid off the cuttings. This process can reduce the liquid content on the cuttings by an impressive 30-50%.

As a result, the ViST maximizes the volume of recovered and reused fluids, providing dryer cuttings. This translates to less drilling waste and more recovered drilling fluids, ultimately saving operators money on drilling fluids and waste management.

Let’s delve into the specifications of the ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen:

Model No.: GNVIST03A

Supply Air Pressure: 0.7-1.0Mpa (100-150PSI)

Air Capacity Required: 4.5 m³/min (160 CFM)

Maximum Shakers: 3 Shakers

Applicable Mud: OBM, SBM, WBM

Extra Fluids Recovery: 2000-3000 L / Day (By 1 Shaker with ViST On)

Recovery Efficiency: 30%-50%

Mud Temperature: -15 to +85°C

Suction Inlet: 2 Inch (3 Sets)

Discharge Outlet: 2 Inch (1 Set)

Air Supply Inlet: 1 Inch

Dimension (Weight): 1058x730x1068mm (350KG)

Remarks: No electrical, air operated, adjustable suction time

The ViST Vacuum Shaker offers several advantages:

Wide application for various mud types, including OBM, SBM, and WBM.

Suitable for both onshore and offshore applications, reducing waste and recovering fluids effectively.

Can replace High G drying shale shakers without additional consumption of shaker screens.

Compact footprint and easy installation without welding, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Significant waste reduction by 30% to 50%, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Allows the use of finer shaker screens to enhance solids control efficiency.

Lowers costs associated with drilling cuttings transportation.

No electric power required, making it suitable for hazardous areas.

Adjustable suction and discharge time to accommodate different drilling conditions.

Each ViST unit can be connected to 2 – 3 shakers with only one air supply, enhancing versatility and productivity.

In conclusion, the ViST Vacuum Shaker Screen offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing drilling operations, providing cost savings, efficiency, and sustainability. With its innovative design and superior performance, it stands as a testament to GN Solids Control’s commitment to excellence in the field of solids control technology.