GN’s Water and Mud Separation System Successfully Deployed in New Zealand

We are thrilled to announce the successful deployment of GN’s advanced water and mud separation system in New Zealand, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the construction industry. GN Solids Control has once again proven its expertise in providing comprehensive separation systems tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Complete Separation System:

Our system is designed to efficiently handle water and mud separation in construction sites, ensuring a clean and environmentally responsible approach to site management. The system comprises several modules, each playing a crucial role in the overall separation process.



  1. Coarse Screen Module for Mining (GNLMP1536):

This module acts as the first line of defense, efficiently removing larger particles and debris from the water and mud mixture. Its robust design and high-capacity screening capabilities make it an essential component for the initial stage of the separation process.


  1. Fine Screen Module with Double-Layer Vibrating Screen (GNZJ706):

This module further refines the separation process by employing a double-layer vibrating screen. It targets finer particles, ensuring that the water extracted is clear of any remaining impurities. The efficiency of this module significantly contributes to the overall quality of the separated components.


  1. Desander Module (GNZJ594J-12N):

The desander module is a crucial component for removing sand and silt from the mixture. Our advanced mud cleaner (GNZJ594J-12N) is specifically designed for efficient desanding, ensuring that the construction site’s water is free from abrasive particles that could potentially damage equipment and hinder optimal performance.


  1. Large Capacity Decanter Centrifuge and Dewatering Module (GNLW553D):

This module employs a centrifugal force to separate finer solids from the liquid phase. The large capacity decanter centrifuge is highly effective in dewatering, ensuring that the separated mud is efficiently processed, and the water is ready for reuse or discharge according to environmental regulations.


  1. Flocculation Dosing Module:

To enhance the separation process, our system includes a flocculation dosing module. This module facilitates the addition of flocculants, improving the agglomeration of fine particles and further optimizing the separation efficiency.


At GN Solids Control, we take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive and customized separation solutions for various industries. The successful deployment of our water and mud separation system in New Zealand underscores our dedication to innovation and sustainability in construction site management. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in separation technology and contributing to environmentally responsible practices in the construction industry.