Economic Bored Piling Mud Cleaning System by GN Solids Control: Capabilities and Models

GN Solids Control is a leading manufacturer of mud cleaning systems, catering to the requirements of Bored Piling operations. Our innovative equipment is designed to effectively separate solids from mud, ensuring optimum performance and environmental compliance.

Bored Piling Mud Cleaning System efficiently removes cuttings and solids from the mud, preventing equipment wear and ensuring smooth operations.

The system’s recycling unit ensures the mud is continuously reused, reducing waste and cutting operational costs. GN offers a well tested system, capable of processing large volumes of mud, resulting in drier solids and cleaner fluids. GN can provide tailor-made solutions based on specific project requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

GN’s mud cleaning system complies with environmental regulations, minimizing the impact on the surroundings during operations.

Bored Pile Desander Economic Configuration Models:

GNMS-200D: This model is designed for small to medium-sized Bored Piling projects. With a capacity of 50m3/h, it features a compact design and efficient solids control, making it ideal for limited space applications.

GNMS-500D: The GNMS-500D is suitable for medium to large-scale projects (Capacity: 10m3/h), offering higher processing capacities and robust construction for prolonged use.

GNMS-1000D For large-scale Bored Piling projects, the GNMS-1000D provides superior mud cleaning capabilities, high-speed centrifuge, and large mud storage capacity, this model is specifically engineered for heavy-duty projects, offering maximum processing power and a large storage capacity,

GN Solids America‘s Bored Piling Mud Cleaning System offers reliable and efficient solutions for the separation of drilling cuttings and solids from mud. With a range of models catering to different project sizes, GN ensures seamless operations, reduced downtime, and increased productivity in tunneling and piling projects. Our commitment to environmental compliance and customer-centric approach makes GN a trusted partner in the construction industry.