GN Solids Control’s GNZS752J-MDZJ Shale Shakers

In the oil and gas industry, the separation of solids from drilling fluids is a critical aspect to ensure optimal equipment performance and efficiency at the drilling site. This is where shale shakers play a crucial role.

GNZS752J-MDZJ shale shakers have earned a solid reputation in the industry for their excellent efficiency and performance in solids separation. They are designed to handle various drilling conditions and are particularly effective in removing small to medium-sized solid particles from the drilling fluid.

These shale shakers are built with an innovative design that optimizes processing capacity and separation efficiency. They feature a multi-layer screening deck, allowing for a larger screening area and enhanced solids handling capacity. Furthermore, they are equipped with high-quality vibrating motors that generate adjustable G-force to accommodate different separation requirements.


Capacity (m3/h) Vibration Motor (Kw) Screen Qty (Pcs) Adjustable G Force

Deck Angle


45(200GPM) 2×1 2 <= 7.5G



The simplicity of operation and maintenance is another standout feature of GNZS752J-MDZJ shale shakers. Their intuitive control panel allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of operation parameters. Additionally, they are designed for easy access and replacement of the screen meshes, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

GN Solids Control is known for its focus on quality and reliability of their equipment. GNZS752J-MDZJ shale shakers are no exception. They are constructed with durable materials and high-quality components to ensure consistent performance and long service life. Furthermore, they comply with international quality and safety standards.

GN Solids Control’s GNZS752J-MDZJ shale shakers offer a reliable and efficient solution for solids separation in the oil and gas industry. Their innovative design, superior performance, and ease of operation make them a trusted choice for drilling operations. If you aim to maximize the efficiency of your solids separation process, GNZS752J-MDZJ shale shakers are definitely worth considering.