GN Solids Removal Unit for Core and Diamond Drilling

GN Solids Control is a leader in manufacturing equipment for the mining industry, so we have the technological capacity to provide systems that offer a good cost-benefit balance for drilling fluid control operations in core extraction. In the field of core and diamond drilling, the efficient management of drilling fluids and solids is crucial for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. GN Solids Removal Unit (GNSRU) emerges as a reliable solution, offering a comprehensive approach to solids control and waste management in drilling operations.


One of the key advantages of GN Solids Removal Unit is its ability to effectively separate and remove solids from drilling fluids. The GNSRU utilizes a combination of shale shakers and decanter centrifuges to ensure efficient solids control. By removing undesirable particles, such as cuttings, from the drilling mud, the SRU helps maintain the drilling fluid properties, leading to improved drilling performance and reduced equipment wear.

GNSRU offers flexibility in its configuration, allowing it to be tailored to specific drilling requirements. With adjustable settings and modular components, the GNSRU can be optimized to handle different drilling conditions, mud properties, and flow rates. This adaptability ensures that the system can effectively cope with varying drilling challenges and maximize overall efficiency.


The unit is equipped with a decanter centrifuge, which further separates fine solids from the drilling fluid, producing cleaner mud for reuse. This comprehensive waste management approach minimizes environmental impact and reduces overall drilling costs.


GN Solids Removal Unit boasts a compact design, allowing it to be easily transported and installed at drilling sites. The unit is skid-mounted, ensuring stability and ease of movement. The compact footprint saves valuable space, especially in confined drilling locations. This mobility and ease of setup contribute to quick deployment and efficient operations.