GN mud agitator

Drilling mud mixer is used in order to maintain uniformity of drilling fluid and solid particles suspension, and for continuous and reliable drilling mud of drilling fluid solid control system.
GN oil drilling fluid JBQ series mud agitator under 5.5 kW adopt cycloid reducer, JBQ series mud mixer is suitable for oil drilling fluid mixing, compact structure, cover an area of an area small;More than 7.5 kW drilling mud mixer adopts turbine worm reduction drive, has big transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work, etc.Commonly used mixer model for JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15.mud agitator shaft
JBQ mud agitator purposes and characteristics
JBQ series mud mixer adopts circular cylindrical worm reducer, shaft section for circular cylindrical worm, turbine tooth profile for round with turbine phase conjugate.So the concave and convex tooth and reliable performance, high efficiency, compact structure.
JBQ series mud mixer reducer combined with explosion-proof motor, easy maintenance, suitable for field use harsh operating conditions.
JBQ series slurry blender mixing intensity big, wide scope, and reduces the starting resistance.
Horizontal JBQ series mud agitator motor, installation, adjustment, easy to change.
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Mud agitator installation and maintenance
1, the slurry blender when installation should be lifting mixer and placed in the position of the desire to install smoothly, adjust the coaxial degree < 0.39 mm will be 4 M16 hole only after welding on the tanks, fixed and tighten mounting bolts.
Rigid coupling must be equipped with 2, mud agitator trampoline and should be solid and reliable, otherwise it will cause a wave wheel shaft deflection, intensifying gear wear and tear.
3, mud agitator operation should be the same in the ring, cassettes, the high temperature anomalies.Otherwise should stop check, troubleshooting.
4, mud mixer reducer oil level height should be kept in the central visual oil window position, the work can often make up of lubricating oil.It is recommended to use 120 # industrial gear oil.When the site can not meet, also can use other size appropriate lubricating oil

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