GN Mud tank

Mud tank can configure different dimension according to the customer’s demand. Mud tank is in the oil, gas, and salt in the process of drilling operation of geology and mineral resources of essential equipment.

Mud tank is a purification plant equipment, made up of tank, mud tank, mud mixer, slurry tank is installed on top of tank, stirrer installed on the roof, the tanks by the isolation plate divided into two parts, the feature is that there are two vertical sand pump installed on the roof and the desander, desilter, sand pump export respectively through pipeline and desander, desilter import connected, sand pump and motor coupling.
Connectivity issues about mud tank: there are flange for tank connection (inflatable joints connecting sealing, pressure sealing packing connection), coupling connection type, etc. There is no big problem for external connection and sealing, mud tank is mainly consider for moving convenient installation. At present, a lot of tank with built-in pipe, so that the main problem is that the built-in pipeline corrosion and the structure of the valve, so a good tank valve design is the key, to maintain a clean and tidy tank surface anti-skid drop off again to ensure that the operation is convenient and reliable. And all the valves should have reliable switch position indicator and easy to maintain. Electrical equipment installation specification, reasonable appliance is easy to operate simple, for medium voltage line and medium pressure valve separately color logo and so on. Protective water proof design according to need, but to ensure that the ventilation.

In China or overseas for Mud tank, in order to adapt to mountains, rivers, roads, etc. Through the engineering design, development, create a “horizontal directional crossing machine mud mixed recycling system”.Through the mud tank purification drilling fluid, recycling can greatly improve the level crossing rate, reduce the mud pump, drill pipe, drill bit wear, save materials, reduce drilling cost, protecting the environment, mud tank brought considerable economic benefits for the user.

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