ZJ 50 Mud system for a Indian drilling company

In 7th June, GN solids control complete a set of mud system for a Indian drilling company ZJ50 rig , successfully completed the whole series of mud system and past commissioning test, and make the delivery. Even though oil equipment manufacturing industry is so bad, we can get the order, with our previous experience on providing customers with quality products, fast, high-quality services and high quality price. The customer said” buy GN solids’s products, we don’t need worry about it”.
India GN solids

This set of solids control system in the process of production, installation, the equipment in strict accordance with the design specification requirements, the selection of national standard material, the brand of steel, and international well-known explosion-proof electrical components, after the completion of the system, customer field testing, very satisfied after acceptance, the champions league to solid control for Indian customers to provide the installation instructions and system maintenance of subsequent late, such as a full range of services, believe that the future continued cooperation will be very happy.
since the date of establishment of GN solids control, GN has been working on the solid control system and the solids control equipment research and development, production, provides the solid control system for many customers turnkey projects, and with the domestic several big drill rig factory facilities, are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, many owners in the global market of high-quality customers, for the champions league to the stable development of the solid control bring a steady stream of orders, GN solids control according to customer demand customize various configuration of mud system, can meet the needs of different drilling rig mud treatment.
With many cases, high quality products, excellent service and price, advanced production technology and manufacturing equipment, excellent management team and other advantages, is your reason for choosing GN.
GN solids control, You worth it!

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