Replacement Tandem shale shaker for mud tank

GN solids control provide replacement
shale shakers for the mud tank to replace your old shale shakers.

The main essential problem is the
floor area to mount the shale shaker. The replacement shale shaker must be with
similar dimension and adopt the modification as less as possible, to make the
replacement mounting more easily.

The second issue is the weir height
and shale shaker feeding hole height, it must meet the original flow line
height, and feeding height.

We can make the tamdem shale shaker
in the same skid for convenient transportation, and it is easily to disassembly
them when they need to be used separately in other projects. To reduce the
footprint, we will remove the control panel to one side, when disassembly the
tandem shaker, you need to re-install the control panel and connection the

The replacement shale shakers could
be customized according to the old mud tank’s color.

We have GNZS594E-HB 4-panel shale
shaker with shaker screen size 585x1165mm with composite material frame screen,
pre-tensioned. But it is too big for some clients old mud tank, the we will
recommend GNZS593E-HB shale shaker with 3 –panels of same dimension shaker
, the treating capacity and footprint is reduced.

We also have 528gpm treating capacity
shale shaker with 3 panels, the screen size is 700x 1250mm, it is an ideal
choice for oil &gas drilling solids control system.

We also have GNZS594HGE-LD high G
force drying shaker
which is mainly used for drilling cuttings treatment for
water based drilling mud. It is also with 4-panel screens of 585 x 1165mm.

Our professional engineer team will
choose the best models for customized projects according to your required
treating capacity and floor area, and we will give you proposal of modification
to connect the new shakers to your old mud tank and flow distributor, pls
contact with GN solids control if you need new shale shakers to replace your
old shakers.

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