Shale shaker operation with the mud tank.

Shale shaker is the filtration machinery
widely use in coal cleaning, Oil and gas drilling, HDD drilling to name a
few.  It is the first step of filtration
of solids control and it removes
the large size of cutting in the drilling fluid, often refer as drilling
mud.  The drilling fluid are internal lubrication
for keep the drill bit in controlled temperature and convey the drilling
cutting away in the bored hole.  The
drilling fluid often as mixture of different type of chemicals  both in water and oil based mixture and it is
costly expenses of drilling operation.
For as environment protection and maintains cost of the drilling
operation, the drilling fluid losses are minimized by removing them away from
the drilled cuttings before the cuttings are disposed of, this is done using a
multitude of special machines and mud tanks. Shale shakers
are components of drilling equipment that mainly use as solids filteration for
the drilling rig.  The drilling mud
return the surface front the well  it
guided flow to the shale shakers and beginning the filtrations process.  The filtered drilling mud will be flow to the
tank and storage it for other solids control machinery to process future
more.  The filtered solids away from the
mud are deposited in separate holding tank for future treatment or
disposal.  Shale shakers are valued by
most of the drilling operation to be the very important device in the mud
mixing system 
as the performance of the successive equipment  relates to the pureness of the treated
drilling fluid.

GN solids America LLC ’s linear motion shale shaker offer in
various size to fit the budget of drilling.
We have offer two, three and four panel shale shaker  with adjustable angle with one-hand operation
that ease the duty of operation.  

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