GN decanter centrifuges work in Algeria with good performance

At the beginning of last year we shipped over 30 units of decanter
to Africa for drilling fluids cleaning and recycling works, these
centrifuges are for EMEC, who is our valuable partner in Africa, and we held
cerabration for the completion of the centrifuges in 30days for client’s urgent
project. Later our professional engineer fly to their jobsite for first time commissioning
and installation service.Now our decanter centrifuges work well in the jobsite
and get the end-users high praise.

As one of the major drilling fluids
service companies in Egypt, EMEC has known GN for a very long time and they
already bought almost 10 units centrifuges from us with different models before
the big project, we established good trust mutually during the cooperation, and
we always consider our client’s benefit firstly when their is trouble
shootings.That is why we still got lots of repeat orders from our client even
thought the oil market is slow down everywhere in the world.

The decanter centrifuges working in
Algeria is GNLW363CG, which is the C version decanter centrifuge, compared with
the previous version A and B, the C version centrifuge with larger treating
capacity, better treating result. We change the feeding method from small end
to big end so it avoid the centrifuge feed tube block problems and the screw
propeller design is improved for better mud distribution. We have got a lot of
good feedback from other clients for the better performance of the new

Except for such high speed decanter
, we also provide low speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452 for barite
recovery, and variable speed centrifuge which can be applied for both low
gravity mud and high gravity mud by changing the frequency by the VFD control

If you need decanter centrifuge for
solids control
and dewatering unit, pls contact with GN solids control sales.

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