Water recycling system for pipeline engineering

Recently GN solids control get good news
from our client CNPC, which is the largest pipeline crossing engineering
company in China. They have orders a lot of mud recycling system for their
pipeline crossing engineering project with customized design, we provide the
best solution according to their project by using different model equipments
with different storage capacity.

The mud recycling system they are
testing well are with 2 units of double deck shale shaker with desander cone
and desilter cone, the reason to use double deck shale shaker is to drying the
discharged solids and increase the treating capacity, and treat the drilling
fluids better. The compact design to combinate the double deck shale shaker GNZS706E
and hydrocyclones is to reduce the mud tank length and save the area and save
the cost. The unique design of these 3 units of 500gpm mud recycling system is
the container sized mud tank and container sized frame for conveneint shipment.

Except for their domestic project, they
also order a lot of mud recycling system for their international projects, this
year CNPC expand their business in the world market and get several huge
projects, as the main supplier of mud recycling system, GN engineer will also
fly to the jobsite for commissioning and installation.  

After several years drilling, more and
more fine solids accumulated in the drilling mud, the mud after treated by
desander cone and desilter cone is not suitable to be re-used for drilling, we
will suggest the client to use middle speed decanter centrifuge to separate the
fine solids ( bigger than 5 microns) and less the solids content, GNLW452
decanter centrifuge is the ideal option.

GN mud recycling system applications
including: horizontal directional drilling, pipeline engineering crossing,
no-dig, piling, TBM, micro tunneling, water welling drilling ,coal bed methane,
geothermal and oil & gas drilling.

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