3 sets Drilling Cutting Waste Management Equipment shipped to Nigeria

Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is the major
manufacturer of solids control equipment and leading maker of
drilling waste management equipment
in China, getting the first API
certified inside China and the first produced vertical cutting dryer with
China. Because of its leading part in solids control as well as waste
management technology, Hebei GN Solids Control Company., Ltd has exported to 60
countries and entertained the largest portion in the worldwide market, thus
achieving a new famous brand GN Solids Control. Certainly, Africa especially
Nigeria is a huge market for GN, and now around 100 models decanter centrifuge
are within Africa for solids control. Recently, our sales team have become in
Nigeria doing cost service for 3 pieces drilling waste management devices on
the drilling site.

GN main product line of drilling waste management includes excessive G shaker,
vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge.
GN high G shaker can reach to utmost 8. 0 G drive because the screen bed
consists of stainless steel and the whole patio is heat treated. GN vertical
cutting dryer could reach to a 750 R force at a speed involving 1200RPM so as
to dry the actual oil based drilling cutting using a oil content at all around
5%. GN decanter centrifuge is to treat the drinks discharge from high Gary the
gadget guy shaker or the vertical cutting dryer to make more clean up fluids
return back to dynamic system. Beside singe drilling waste management
equipment, GN Solids Control also
resources complete drilling waste management system with the combination of up
and down cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge on a skid attached with little
mud tank. GN provides 2 normal model of drilling waste management system for
customers’ solution, and also customized drilling waste material management
systems are available in GN. 

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