Oilfield Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser unit

GN solids control produce
oilfield cylindrical vessel type vacuum degasser unit which is used to remove entrapped
gas including H2S, CO2 from gas-cut drilling fluids. And protect the
centrifugal pump of mud cleaner feeding from gas cut and impeller damage.

Different with the atmospheric Degasser, the atmospheric
Degasser is centrifugal type deasser.

Features of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser:

(1)   Self-contained
type without jet pump

(2)   new design of Ultrasonic liquid level meter, which is automatically controlled
the mud level, when the mud level is too high or too low, it will shut down
from the electric control panel to protect the vacuum pump. The Ultrasonic
liquid level meter is connected with the control panel.

(3)   22kw prime motor and 7.5kw vacuum pump motor with electric control
panel, which is suitable for oilfield operation with temperature up to 55
degree, hazardous environmental explosion & flame proof class 1 division 1,
group C & D. If required by the client, we can also provide motor and
control panel with ATEX certificate.

(4)   Oilfield
skid mounted, smart footprint and conveneint operantion

Models of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser:

GNZCQ270A with
treating capacity 1188gpm, GNZCQ360A with 1584gpm treating capacity, the
cylindrical vessel diameter are all 920mm.

principal of GN Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser unit:

It use the suction effect of the vacuum
pump to create negative pressure inside the Cylindrical Vessel,
and the mud enter the hollow shaft. And then the mud spray to the tank wall , Gas
is discharged to safe zone from gas separator through the suction of vacuum
pump and the mud is discharged into the tank.

If you need Cylindrical Vessel type vacuum degasser unit, pls contact with GN solids control. Except
for vacuum degasser, GN also provide mud gas separator / poor boy degasser
which is used before solids control system.

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