Drilling Mud System shipped to Russia for 1500HP drilling Rig

Mud System shipped to Russia for 1500HP drilling Rig
GN Solids Control has two branch organizations: one is in Houston, UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA and the other is in Moscow, Russia. With the establishment of
the two companies, GN furthermore opens two warehouses inside Houston and
Moscow. Currently GN Solids America has its shale shakers, decanter centrifuges
and cuttings dryers within stock, and all the replacement parts for these
solids control or even drill
cuttings management system
are also available in Houston.
GN Solids Control just delivered a few solids control equipments for starters
1500HP drilling rig throughout Russia. Although the oil price are at a history
low level, several oil and gas companies are keep going in order to provide
enough job options. Considering some regions get plenty labor force which will
help to take the cost, many drilling internet businesses are still making money
for sure.
This specific 1500HP mud system involves the following equipments:
1 . GN
Shale Shaker

There are 5 shakers to do the first period separation. GN provides GNZS594E-HB
shakers for this client; the treatment of capacity of each shaker is definitely
616GPM. The fourth shaker are going to be act as a spare shaker if one of the
first three shakers will be broken, and it will be also made use of when
changing shaker screens.

GN manufactures two types shaker displays: one is metal frame screen, the other
is composite substance screen. There are 4 parts shake screens
assembled on each of your shaker. Two wedges are accustomed to fix one screen,
and that is pretty convenient for one agent to change screens.
2 . GN Decanter Centrifuge
Two units of
GN high settings decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG are given to this client.
GNLW363CG centrifuge is using duplex stainless steel twisting bowl for long
time application. The inside screw propeller is definitely fixed with hundreds
of tungsten carbide tiles for put on resistance.
When using different spinning speed, GN centrifuge enables you to recover
barite (2200RPM) in addition to cut the mud excess weight (2700RPM). Finer
cuttings preceding 2-5 microns can be in addition separated when running from
Welcome to visit GN Houston warehouse for more accessible solids control and
exercise cuttings management systems.

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