OOC Less than 3.7%, GNCD930D Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Last month, GN Solids Control sent commissioning
engineer to a Nigerian drilling company and provided the first commissioning
service to its 4 sets newly arrived vertical
cuttings dryers
. And just after commissioning, those vertical cuttings
dryers were soon put into use and they now sent back the data for the drilling
mud and cuttings before and after the treatment of the vertical cuttings

OOC, oil on cuttings is 3.7%, much less than
the accepted value 10%. The clients are above satisfactory and now are planning
to purchase more and introduce to other friends’ companies in this field.

Function of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers:

Like all the vertical cuttings dryers, the
vertical cuttings dryer is working like the drying procedure of the washing
machine. By rotating at a high speed, the liquid phase is splashed out through
the openings on the screen basket and collected to the storage tank for next
step separation. And the solids phase is stopped by the basket and falls down
dried and collected.

The lower value of OOC, the better
performance of the vertical cuttings dryer has. And most vertical cuttings
dryers are designed only for treating the drilling cuttings from the oil based

Unless other brands’ vertical cuttings
dryers, GNCD 930 Series vertical cuttings dryers are also suitable for WBM, although
their performance in water based mud is not as outstanding as it shows in oil
based mud. And GN is about to apply new solutions on water based mud condition
for the vertical cuttings dryer.

Why use GN Solids Control’s Vertical
cuttings dryer?

In fact this Nigerian drilling company is
not only purchasing vertical cuttings dryers from
GN Solids Control
, but also using GNLW363 Decanter
, and GN mud plants. Before getting to know GN Solids Control,
they used to use USA brand solids control equipments only, but when they
visited China and inspected several solids control manufacturers in China, they
chose GN. Since then, ll of their solids control equipments are purchased from
GN and later, the waste
management systems

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