Mud dewatering unit for oil drilling in Argentina

Oil drilling mud dewatering
is used to use chemicals to remove the fine solids from the water based
drilling fluids, it has been used in Argentina, Singapore, Nigeria and other
countries in the world.

have used the mud dewatering unit for oil sludge waste separation for COSL(China Oilfield Services Limited). Details
pls check
. But mostly we only use the mud dewatering unit for water based drilling mud.

GN high speed and variable speed decanter
centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD and GNLW363CG separation point is 2~5 microns, so it
can remove the solids bigger than 5 microns. For the fastest speed decanter
with 3800rpm and 3000G , its separation point is 1~2 microns, which
can separate finer solids, but the working efficiency is not 100%, compared
with mud dewatering unit.

In some cases, the solids particles smaller
than 5 microns need to separated in the water based drilling waste, we will use
dewatering unit by flocculation to make the solids enhanced for easy separation
of the decanter centrifuge.

GN standard dewatering unit including:

Polymer Mixing System

Mixing Tank

and Coagulant Feeding System

other components

The dewatering unit can be installed inside a
20ft/40ft container together with the decanter centrifuge, with air
conditioner, the purpose is for easy transportation and rain proof, sun proof.
It can be also made on one skid and put it on the ground or mud tank skid, the centrifuge
With VFD control panel are made as a unit with mud tank. The dewatering unit on
top of the tank to save place or on the skid for easy transportation. The latter
way is to save the cost for container, but you must need a sun/rain proof

To know more details about GN mud dewatering
unit for water based drilling mud, pls contact GN solids control.

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