TBM Slurry Separation Plant with Polymer Mixing Unit

GN solids control specialized
at customized TBM slurry separation plant with polymer mixing and dosing unit
as a complete system, the polymer mixing unit is applied for polymer flocculant
mixing and feeding to the dewatering centrifuge to get the water as clean as
possible, to separate more fine solids under 5 microns.

is the short name for Tunneling Boring Machine, Tunnels of less than a metre or
so in diameter are typically done using trenchless construction methods or
horizontal directional drilling rather than TBMs.

ever designed a containerized dewatering unit for Tunneling project with the
same application, the main purpose is to get clean water, and dry solids for
disposal. The polymer mixing unit can be installed inside the container
together with GN big bowl decanter centrifuge, by this way, it is convenient
for movement, also it can be located on the skid without standard shipping
container for cooling and easy maintenance, also the cost is much cheaper. We
can make it customized to meet the client’s requirement.

are 3 parts in the TBM slurry separation plant: Solids removal unit, polymer
mixing and dosing unit, dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge. We provide
various options for solids removal unit/ mud cleaning unit, depends on your
required electricity power consumption and budget, we can provide 2-phase
cleaning compact design( double deck shale shaker + desander cone or double
deck shaker + desilter cone) or 3-phase cleaning premium mud cleaning system,
with shale shaker, mud cleaner( shaker, desander cone, desilter cone 3 in 1).

dewatering unit can be applied for both powder polymer and solution polymer,
with pre-humidifyng
system for the powder and dosing system.

We can make the dewatering centrifuge on the
same skid with the dewatering unit or separately. If you are interested in more
details, pls contact GN sales.


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