3 phase Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Separation

3 phase decanter centrifuge is widely used for crude oil sludge separation to discharge the dry solids and recovery oil as more as possible, at the meantime, the water is recycled for reuse. Before feeding, we need heating the original material to be liquidable.
There are 2 situations:
1 The oil sludge is from oil storage tank bottom or mut pit bottom, most of the sludge is fine solids, by this situation, 3 phase decanter centrifuge could be an option.
2 The oil sludge is from drilling site, most of them are drilling cuttings, GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer works this way. After separated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the oil content on the cuttings will be down to less than 5%, in some countries, the solids can be landfilling, the recoverded oil with water, fine solids can be separated by 3-phase decanter centrifuge or GNLW363VFD 2 phase decanter centrifuge to separate the fine solids and get clean oil.  
We have both the vertical cuttings dryer and 2 phase decanter centrifuge stocking in Houston for immediate shipment and customer’s inspection and rental service. Pls contact our sales team in Houston at 713 320 3868/713 878 0880 to arrange for a visit.
Working principal of 3 phase decanter centrifuge:
3 phase decanter centrifuge can separate 3-phase: solids phase, light liquid phase, heavy fluids phase through the process below: With the centrifugal G force, the heavies phase-solids phase is drived by the screw conveyor to small end and discharged from solids discharge port, the solids is dry enough to be shipped by truck. The 2 different density fluids will flow to big end and discharged from different effluent port-heavy fluids port and light fluids port. So the different 3 phase are separated.
GN produced 2 phase separation decanter centrifuge is widely used for drilling fluids treatment for solids control system and drilling waste management system.

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