Crude Oil Sludge separation equipments

GN solids control produced equipments can be used not only for oil drilling solids control system, but also be widely used for oil sludge separation. The said ‘oil sludge’ may varies because it comes from different applications, like oil & gas drilling both in onshore and offshore, production and completion fluids, operations fuel oils and diesel oils, produced water, crude oil refinery & transport vessels slops and sludge, refinery emulsions, API separator sludge, sedimentation ponds, tank bottom sediments, stored oil waste pits, polluted soils, ships slops, dirty lube oil, etc.

We can not provide the complete oil sludge separation system, but be acted as part of the separation system. The equipments are used for oil sludge separation:

1 Decanter centrifuge both in high speed and variable frequency drive, we have 3 models centrifuge for such application, GNLW363VFD, GNLW453VFD, GNLW553VFD to separate the fine solids from the oil sludge

2 Hi-G shale shaker, GNZS594E to separate big drilling cuttings from the oil sludge

3 Vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 for oil recovery and big drilling cuttings dewatering, the oil content in the cuttings remain less than 5% after treated by the vertical G dryer.

4 Mud mixing equipments, mud mixers, agitators, mud hopper, pumps to be installed on the mud mixing tank by adding some chemical additives.

5 Screw conveyor in different sizes

GN solids control used these equipments for a lot of projects or oil sludge separation system:

Solids and Liquid separation decanter centrifuge for oil sludge project in Oman,

Oil Sludge Separation System for Kuwait Oil Company,

GN designed oil sludge separation system can be customized according to the client’s requirement and choose correct equipments model. After treated by our oil sludge separation system, you need to apply for further oil-water separator unit , thermal treatment unit and non-hazardous treatment.

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