GN 18 Inch Decanter Centrifuge on Sale with 30% Discount

Each year, GN Solids America( would have a sales promotion so that you can return the profit to customer. Why GN would do to sell the equipment with particular discount? The equipment on sale is also proved performance extremely superior and with good feedback in the consumer.

The Parameters and options on the on sale 18 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW454:
1. 18 inch bowl diameter and 61 inch bowl length, practically 4:1 length and diameter ration which would make the separation functionality significantly far better.
2. Bowl material of stainlesssteel 2205 even significantly superior than the 316L to assure the long life time. While the screw propeller is created of SS316L, comparing with other China manufacturer working with the SS304, GN’s decanter centrifuge is more certified.
3. Full importing SKF bearing application make certain the operation stability and effortless for upkeep.
4. Tungsten carbide tiles protection around the screw propeller and solids discharge port additional ensure that long time no shutting down operating.
This unit is created the Max speed of 2800 RPM that could cut solids size down to 2~7 microns.
30% discount, completely, it’s a genuine a tough to obtain opportunity for drilling contractor or the oilfield mud service provider. Please do not hesitate to contact with GN Solids Control System for additional information on that.

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