Solids Control units for Core Drilling and diamond drilling

GN Solids America units are also applied in the mining industry. Especially, our min decanter centrifuge GNLW 223 is widely used in the Canada and US diamond drilling industry.

Why core drilling or diamond drilling need decanter centrifuge ?

The concept of core drilling and diamond drilling is very easy. Drilling bit is drilling the hole on the ground. After a few feet the core is extracted by using a retrieval tool. In order to keep the core intact and the bit cooled a bentonite drilling gel and water is required. As the diamond bit cuts out the desired core, very fine drilling cuttings are created. These ultra fine cuttings dryer can cause many issues down the hole such as broken cores, lost cores, and premature bit wear. With less than .60 mm tolerances it is important to keep the drilling fluid clean. A desirable clean fluid would be any fluid less than 9.0lbs per gallon mud weight and a sand content of less than 1%.. Technically, the scalping screen and desilter cone is not able to meet with that requirement some time. However, keeping the mud weight is evident important. For that extremely clean fluids, GN decanter centrifuge is able to meet with restrict regulations. Cut point of decanter centrifuge is between 2 to 5 microns which is really small fine solids. The max treating capacity is about the 40GPM. It is only 9 inch diameter and 26 inch length. It only takes a small place to operate the unit

Advantage of decanter centrifuge

  1. Patent design with the economic price
  2. Fixed speed and variable speed two options for the decanter centrifuge
  3. Easily adjustable liquid discharge weir height for flexible application.

it is imperative to retrieve good cores and move to the next hole and with a GN solids control system the odds of staying on schedule and being successful are increased

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