GN Compact Mud System Worldwide Application

GN Solids America is a China leading manufacturer of drilling mud system. The main market of GN mud system is to match the rig on oilfield. However, as per the customers’ requirement from other drilling industry, GN Solids Control developed the compact structure mud system that would be used in some drilling project with the limitation of location area or small drilling out flow rate.

Compact drilling mud system for HDD & CBM

Comparing with the oil gas drilling mud recycling system, the mud system in HDD and CBM always has less quantity of the mud tanks as the drilling depth is not as deep as the oil drilling. The requirement of drilling mud fluids volume is not so large like the oil drilling. Besides, some equipment like poor boy degasser, vacuum degasser will not be used in HDD mud system. Always the HDD has no very strict request of cleanness on the drilling mud, In order to reduce the cost, the contractor always will not use the decanter centrifuge which could remove very fine solids out of the drilling mud.

Desanding piling mud system

GN Solids Control also has a desanding piling mud system that is special for piling projects. As the solids in the drilling mud of piling is always very large, the desander in the mud system is always matched with coarse screen. The configuration of the piling system is consisting of desaner unit with 10 inch Hydro cyclone, 1 centrifugal pump feeding to the cyclone and small catching tank under the desander.

GN’s compact structure mud system is also be used in water well drilling, diamond drilling and so on.
mud system utilizing within essential oil & gasoline region

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