Drilling Mud System Equipment for Ghana Project

Mud System equipment is important for each and every land rig. We’ve got 1 client from Ghana e mail me and stated ? We’ve been contracted to undertake a drilling project up north in precise web pages from last quarter 2014. As component of our operations we estimate to generate about 216 cubic metres of solid waste being primarily drilling cuttings and 264,000 gallons of liquid waste getting primarily mud slurry or drilling mud. These will call for therapy and or disposal from the various web-sites.
He request for quotation on gear necessary in regards the provision of the treatment, carting and disposal of this waste matter.
Soon after have additional discussion together with the consumer, we attempt to offer technical proposal & commercial proposal on 1 set 2000hp Rig Drilling Mud System with 300bbl Mud tanks. This is much similar as 1 mud system we supply to Nigeria drilling contractor. See below details:

Shale Shaker X 3, GNZS594E-HB, 4 PANEL, 528gpm treating capacity.
Mud Cleaner X 1, GNZJ594E-3S16N, 1500gpm treating capcity
Vacuum Degasser X 1, GNZCQ360, 1500gpm treating capacity
Decanter Centrifuge X2, GNLW452 & GNLW363BG, middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery & high speed centrifuge for cutting mud weight.
Mud tanks X 7, to reach 1500bbl mud storage capacity.

GN Solids America have been leading manufacturer for solids handle & drilling waste management equipment since 2010. Should you request some gear, pls contact us freely.
Desander Desilter assembly- mud system Solution:http://desanderdesilter.com/desander-desilter-assembly-mud-system-solution/
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