Bentonite Recovery Unit for HDD Drilling Rigs

Bentonite, as a commonly utilised material in lots of industries, can also be important ingredient in drilling mud system,Due to the fact for an efficient drilling, bottom hole stress must be always less than formation stress so as to prevent kick.
In HDD drilling projects, it really is crucial to help keep the ambient soil about the drilling hole within a stable status, and lead the soil to recover quickly. As well as the aim to manage the consumption, intensity and lubricity of drilling liquid is crucial also. That’s why bentonite is introduced to HDD drilling course of action.But the consumption of bentonite is high-priced, to be able to save expense, it is actually greater to recovery the bentonite material along with the drilling mud for future drilling.
GN Solids Handle is capable of creating such Bentonite Recovery Mud Unit for HDD drilling rigs of various capacities, and optional levels of configurations.
Beneath bentonite recovery unit cited for the reference, which is a typical GN 200GPM program:
1. GN Mud tank and tank attachments like ladders and handrails, exact same dimension as 20ft container, easy to lift and transported.
2. GNZJ752D-4N double deck mud cleaner with desilter cones, for treating the drilling mud system with two stages of separation.
3. GNSLS25A-110 Jet mud mixer for adding chemical substances or further drilling supplies into drilling liquid.
4. GN50YZ50A-12 Submersible slurry pump for conveying mud from mud pit and feeding for decrease deck shaker.
5. GNSB4*3-11J for feeding desilter cones on the mud cleaner.
six. GNNJQ50-3G for both stirring the mud and for conveying.
7. Complete electric handle method for the whole technique.
That is essentially the most preferred HDD system of GN Solids Control, because it can meet the requirements of capacity from 100GPM to 200GPM, and get a satisfactory separation result.

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