GN Double Deck Shale Shaker and GN Double Deck Mud Cleaning System

As is known to all, for Mud Cleaning System handle, there is single deck shaker and double deck shaker. Considering the fact that Mud Cleaning System is combination of cyclones and shale shaker, on the initially glimpse, many people could consider the double deck mud cleaner is only double deck shale shaker equipped with desander and desilter cones.
The truth is, it truly is not the case. Even though the only distinction in between the GNZS double deck shale shaker and GNZJ mud cleaner appears only with or without having the desander and desilter cones, they really have distinct functioning process and distinctive paths for treated drilling mud.
1. GNZS double deck shale shaker. This shale shaker has two decks, each deck has three ea screens. Typical GN model is GNZS706. The screens on upper deck is significantly less fine than the reduce deck. So the mud comes straight for the upper deck for initially remedy, and comparatively bigger particles are separated out in this step. Then ,the drilling mud comes onto the finer and reduced deck screen for further separation.
two. GNZJ series double deck mud cleaner. In case of double deck mud cleaner, the Mud Cleaning System comes initially onto the reduce shaker for the very first stage therapy, since the shaker right here is regarded as the shale shaker. The Mud Cleaning System following this stage remedy falls for the tank. A centrifugal pump transfer the mud to desander and treated mud falls into another tank, then, a 2nd centrifugal pump transfer mud cleaner to desilter. Solids components treated out by both desander and desilter falls onto the upper deck shaker for drying. That is why the upper deck screen is finer than the lower deck.
As per customers’ specifications, GN Solids Manage has the ability to change the working procedure as outlined by the technical demand, web-site condition as well as the restricted space for maximum satisfy the finish user’s requests.

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