1500HP land drilling rig mud system

1500HP land drilling rig is frequently a oil and gas drilling rig. It’s also referred to as ZJ50 drilling rig. It is a relative important size drilling rig can drill to 5000m depth.
China major Drilling Mud System manufacturer, GN Solids Handle make customized Drilling Mud System for 1500hp land drilling rig. GN can give customized proposal per user? drilling situation and their request about the method.
International standard Drilling Mud System for 1500HP land drilling system
1) Linear motion Shale shaker GNZJ594E, 3 sets, equipped with distribution box to shear the mud equally for the three shakers.
two) Linear motion Mud cleaner GNZJ594E-3S16N, for the second and also the third stage solids handle separation. It is with important beneath flow shale shaker, interchangeable with 1st stage solids handle shale shaker.
three) Vacuum degasser GNZCQ360 right away following shale shaker and before mud cleaner.
4) Middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery. It is actually really the fourth stage separation.
5) Jet mud mixing process
6) Feed pump for desander, desilter, and centrifuge,and GN TBM Slurry Separation System for Tunneling Engineering
7) Shaker tank, centrifuge tank, suction tank, mixing tank, storage tank, and so forth?-
Some client may choose shear pump functioning with each other with mixing pump for shearing chemical substances.
For any other request, customers can contact GN international group for greater answer.

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