Conveyor With regard to drilling waste management

At present, Many  countries  produce solid drilling waste management in the process of drilling method are: simple processing wide-area seeding, deep well reinjection, cementing landfill after curing, after centralized treatment, microbial degradation land farming, etc. In Europe the most strict with drilling waste management, such as the north sea and the surrounding areas are mostly adopt the method of centralized processing.


At home and abroad on the basis of comparing the results of the study and treatment scheme,GN america  company  study found that according to the characteristics of the oil field itself harmless treatment technology for drilling waste management, can make the permanent land into temporary land occupancy, effective solutions to reduce wellsite solid wastes discharge. But after the land planting crops again, because scrap permanent consolidation material, can’t make a clear assessment of its long-term impact.

 The actual external real estate from the gearbox is actually guaranteed towards the dish, as the base is actually straight attached to the actual conveyor

GN drilling  waste  management  among the top producer with regard to drilling  waste  management

GN drilling  waste  management  is among the top producer within The far east with regard to solids manage gear such as  drilling  waste  management , GN possess exported in order to more than forty nations with regard to solids manage gear as well as popular like a The far east producer worldwide. Make sure you  contact  with GN readily with regard to brand new inquries or even remarks.

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