Get Decanter Centrifuge from a solids control Service Provider Online

GNZJ752—2S Desander is combine solids control equipment which developed, designed and manufactured by our company. It is combined of first stage solids control equipment shale shaker and second stage solids control equipment 10″desander cyclones The main features of GNZJ752-2S are reliable in working ,convenient in maintenance and space saving . It is one of the ideal solids control facilities.

This facility is composed of seven main parts: shale shaker GNZS752, support bracket ,desander pipe ,desander cyclones, discharge trough , Decanter Centrifuge, explosion-proof electric control panels and so on. 1.Mpa pressure gauge   2. Explosion-proof electric control panel 3. Desander cyclones 10″ 4.Discharge troug 5.GNZS752 linear shale shaker 6.Desander pipe 7. Support bracket

The facility has adopted great amount of the latest technology of the world . It is compact in structure ,reliable in working, convenient in  maintenance, and can be applied in many fields. It is the assembly of a shale shaker; desander cyclones. It reduces the occupation, and make it a great convenient for on-site operation and well group-moving.

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