Function of mud cleaner

Mud cleaner is used as the 2nd and 3rd phase separation of drilling fluids, used after shale shaker. After treated by mud cleaner, the clean drilling mud is re-used to the well, the cuttings are collected and enter into drilling waste management system.

 Mud cleaner is used before decanter centrifuge, it can separate most of the large solids and less the solids content in the mud, to less the burden of decanter centrifuge so that the service life of centrifuge can last longer.

As centrifuge is the most expensive equipments in solids control system. For this reason, a good mud cleaner is much more important. Some clients do not use under-flow shaker on the mud cleaner, they only use separate desander and desilter, then all the rest works are done by the centrifuge, it will damage very fast. Or some clients only use a small screen area mud cleaner, so some of the large cuttings leaked into the tank to damage the centrifuge screw propeller and feeding pump.

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